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Knauf - Еxtreme , Кнауф - Екстрийм  . Окачени тавани - професионален монтаж !

Suspended ceilings ! Stretch ceilings !

Interior ceilings ! 3D Design !


Stretch ceilings 'Extreme' - CATALOG 1

Interior drywall ceilings designs photos in shops, restaurants.

Gypsum board ceiling photos house ceiling design pictures.

Ceiling designs ideas for offices drywall ceilings photo gallery.

Interior plasters, decorative putty and paints photo gallery.

Stretch ceilings - design, supply, installation. Art stretch ceilings.

About Us. Drywall ceilings and walls in working order.

Three dimensional ceilings design - 3D projects of ceilings.

Video - ceilings, plasters, walls and visualization of 3D projects.


Catalog 1


Stretch ceilings " Extreme "


Extreme stretch ceilings are more than 150

colors and textures, that can satisfy the most discerning taste of every designer ...


Extreme Matt - matt, strict traditional style in

recent interior with exclusive furniture ...


Extreme Satin - satin, elegant and calm tones, perfect flat surface in the refined interior.


Extreme Lacquered - gloss, varnish with a high degree of coverage - depth and volume - achieving expansion of space ...


Extreme Metallic - interior in Hi-Tech, and Modern.


Extreme Style - waves, suede, marble, drops, clouds, rain in the ceiling - style and comfort ...


Extreme Decors - for walls and ceilings - the ability to distinguish or contrast - bringing together the different areas in space ...


Extreme Light -leaky light - leader in the design preferences - the illumination of the translucent ceiling Extreme Light creates all sorts of lighting effects ...

Light can be powerful or subtle, and is ideally suited for restaurants, bars, galleries, surgical wards and departments information, as it creates an even diffused light resembling daylight


K - Extreme Ltd is a distributor and importer of stretch ceilings from China, Germany, Holland and France and Italy.




Extreme 3D - thanks to technology and specially developed profiles, as well as the elasticity of stretch ceilings 'Extreme' system

stretch ceilings " Extreme 3D" breaking stereotypes do ceilings and can create virtually any geometric shape 3D -

ellipse, dome, pyramid, wool funnel , dunes, integral curves ...

Extreme 3D Light -atmosphere of light-dimensional space, highlights custom design solutions,

focusing on unusual whimsical designs ...

Arts and stretch ceilings - "Extreme Art" - may be prints pictures from our catalog Catalog 2 ,

or your pictures....



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