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Knauf - Еxtreme , Кнауф - Екстрийм  . Окачени тавани - професионален монтаж !

Suspended ceilings ! Stretch ceilings !

Interior ceilings ! 3D Design !


Stretch ceilings - CATALOG 2 - Extreme Art

Interior drywall ceilings designs photos in shops, restaurants.

Gypsum board ceiling photos house ceiling design pictures.

Ceiling designs ideas for offices drywall ceilings photo gallery.

Interior plasters, decorative putty and paints photo gallery.

Stretch ceilings - design, supply, installation. Art stretch ceilings.

About Us. Drywall ceilings and walls in working order.

Three dimensional ceilings design - 3D projects of ceilings.

Video - ceilings, plasters, walls and visualization of 3D projects.


Catalog 2


Stretch ceilings - Extreme Art


Artistic stretch ceilings " Extreme Art ",

allow printing of each image, story, picture,

any place in your area - ceiling, wall,

column, niche, volume design.


Can be reconstructed view of an imaginary

window on each wall.

Especially great is the pleasure of children in children's rooms where they can live in your favorite story among their favorite characters.


Photo printing is done with equipment of new generation with 1440 DPI, using

environmentally friendly paints.


Extreme Art Light - Art ceilings with lighting - can recreate the night lights of the city, sunrise, sunset, lunar landscape, starry sky, galaxies ...




K - Extreme Ltd is a distributor and importer of stretch ceilings from China, Germany, Holland and France and Italy.



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Stretch ceilings " Extreme " - Extreme Classic, Extreme Matt, Extreme Satin, Extreme Lacquered, Extreme Metallic,

Extreme Style, Extreme Decors, Extreme Light, Extreme Art, Extreme Art Light, Extreme 3D, Extreme 3D Light -

- guaranteed quality, at prices you can afford ...


The procedure for installation of ceiling is tight following - submit an application to e-mail, by phone or in the office to take

dimensions of our specialist site, calculate the value of the ceiling and if you began construction suits.

Do not worry to ask ...



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