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Опънати тавани К-Екстрийм отговарят на европейските стандарти DIN  EN 14716, Fire Class Bs2d0. . Опънати тавани К-Екстрийм - фолио с високо качество - клас М1 с гаранция 10 години.

Video Gallery stretch ceilings K-Extreme.

Installation of stretch ceilings.


Stretch ceilings - Video - Installation of stretch ceilings "K-Extreme"

Interior drywall ceilings designs photos in shops, restaurants.

Gypsum board ceiling photos house ceiling design pictures.

Ceiling designs ideas for offices drywall ceilings photo gallery.

Interior plasters, decorative putty and paints photo gallery.

Stretch ceilings - design, supply, installation. Art stretch ceilings.

About Us. Drywall ceilings and walls in working order.

Three dimensional ceilings design - 3D projects of ceilings.

Video - ceilings, plasters, walls and visualization of 3D projects.


Stretch ceilings K-Extreme - Video


Installation of stretch ceilings K-Extreme is

performed by highly qualified specialists

with 10 years warranty.


Why choose us?


- We can make three-dimensional projects in the ceilings to see them advance.


- We can fulfill your stretch ceilings in combination with plasterboard ceilings with concealed LED lighting, which is much more impressive and

you will not have to search for other

performers on plasterboard.


- We give guarantee of our performances - stretch ceilings, suspended ceilings, walls and dry construction - over 10 years.


- Our extensive experience allows us to guarantee for our performances and your peace of mind.



K - Extreme Ltd is a distributor and importer of stretch ceilings from China, Germany, Holland and France and Italy.



Видео - Монтаж на опънат таван К Екстрийм АРТ с фотопечат Планети, в хол в Силистра.


Видео - Монтаж на художествен опънат таван

К-Екстрийм АРТ в спалня в Силистра.


Видео - Монтаж на опънат таван К Екстрийм ЛАК в офис.


Видео - Монтаж на опънат таван К-Екстрийм ЛАК

с триизмерна форма и полилей в офис в Пловдив.


Видео - Монтаж на художествен опънат таван K Extreme ART в детска стая с фотопечат.


Видео - Монтаж на художествен опънат таван

K-Extreme ART в детска стая.


Монтаж на опънтаи тавани К Екстрийм.


Видео - Монтаж на художествеин опънати тавани с фотопечат в спалня в Своге.



Stretch ceilings " Extreme " - Extreme Classic, Extreme Matt, Extreme Satin, Extreme Lacquered, Extreme Metallic,

Extreme Style, Extreme Decors, Extreme Light, Extreme Art, Extreme Art Light, Extreme 3D, Extreme 3D Light -

- guaranteed quality, at prices you can afford ...


Installation of a stretch ceiling is in one day with minimal dustinessan ideal surface,

which saves filling, sanding, painting, or painting of interior plaster, Venetian plasters and other ...


At your disposal are! For any questions - please e-mail:




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