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Stretch ceilings - design, supply, installation.

Suspended ceilings ! Stretch ceilings !

Interior ceilings ! 3D Design !


Stretch ceilings 'K-Extreme' - design, supply, installation - Gallery

Interior drywall ceilings designs photos in shops, restaurants.

Gypsum board ceiling photos house ceiling design pictures.

Ceiling designs ideas for offices drywall ceilings photo gallery.

Interior plasters, decorative putty and paints photo gallery.

Stretch ceilings - design, supply, installation. Art stretch ceilings.

About Us. Drywall ceilings and walls in working order.

Three dimensional ceilings design - 3D projects of ceilings.

Video - ceilings, plasters, walls and visualization of 3D projects.


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Stretch ceilings " K-Extreme "


Stretch ceilings Extreme - new opportunities for creative expression of individuality,

uniqueness and impact.


Stretched ceilings "K-Extreme" is: :

Comfort - Improves acoustics, noise and heat insulation of the room.

Aesthetics - perfect workmanship, flawless lines and shapes, variety of colors and unique geometric shapes and volume.

Water resistance - effective insulator against water and moisture suitable for rooms with high humidity, protection from flooding from the upper deck.


Simplicity of operation - K-Extreme stretched ceiling can be removed at any time, in minutes, to clean and wash, some even painted, can be fitted to other luminaries, or to add new anytime.


They can be illuminated, mirror, fabric and PVC, can be mounted on the ceiling, wall niches with over 10 years warranty.

They are suitable for any premises - pubs, shops, discos, offices, gyms, and home - living room, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, toilet ...


Extreme Art - can print your pictures and photos, as well as our  - Catalog 2 ...

View video -installation of stretch ceilings.


K-Extreme Ltd is a distributor and importer of stretch ceilings from China, Germany, Holland and France and Italy.




Stretch ceilings "K-Extreme" with high film class M1 QUALITI ", meet European standards - DIN EN 14716

do not support combustion - European class of fire safety - FIRE CLASS Bs2S0, withstand pressure of 100 kg. per square meter,

and are imported from Germany, Holland, France, Italy and China, with harpoon grip, that ensures maximum reliability

and possibility of repeated assembly and dismantling ...


Wide range of color and fabrics, you can see in our - Catalogue 1.

Photos can be printed on stretched ceilings in our - Catalogue 2.

Installation of stretch ceiling with chandelier in our video gallery - stretch ceiling.



Why choose us?

- Because we can make three-dimensional projects in the ceilings to see them advance.

- Because we can fulfill your stretched ceilings in combination with plasterboard ceilings with hidden lighting ice, which is much

more impressive and you will not have to search for other performers on the plasterboard.

- Because we can choose the manufacturer of your stretch ceiling - Italy, France, Holland, Germany and China !

- because we give guarantee of our performances - taut and suspended ceilings, dry building - 10 years.

- because our long experience allows us to guarantee for our performances and your peace of mind.



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